Become A Volunteer

Online Training & Webinars

No prior soccer experience is required. We have an extensive volunteer training program.  We provide online training and webinars and have an extensive library of manuals and videos.

Online Courses: Treasurer, AYSO’s Safe Haven, U-6, U-8 and U-10 Coach, and Basic Online Referee.   AYSO Webinars: Registrar, Safety Director, Treasurer, CVPA, Referee Administrator, Coach Administrator, AYSO’s Safe Haven, Division Commissioner and eAYSO. See All Available Webinars

Below are instructions for our new parent volunteers:

  • Complete a volunteer application at
  • Coaches are required to take the age appropriate coaching courses followed by a field training session.
  • Referees are required to take the Basic Online Referee courses followed by the in-class review and exam.
  • AYSO’s Safe Haven course is mandatory for all volunteers.

– For CoachesInstructions here
– For RefereesInstructions here

All other volunteers: Follow instructions below to complete the volunteer application and Safe Haven.

1. Complete an application online (
1a. If you already have an account, follow these procedures:
– Login your account at
– Select “Apply as a new Adult volunteer” follow the instructions to complete the
– Be sure to complete the electronic signature
– Follow step 2 below.

1b. If you do not have an eAYSO account, select “I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer
– When asked “Search a Region by Zip Code or State and City”, Enter 90027 in the zip code
– Click “Next” Select Region 1567– Los Feliz. Click next to continue completing the form.
– Complete the electronic signature and print your application
– Follow step 2 below.

2. Take the Safe Haven certification
– Go to

– Enter your AYSO ID number and last name
(Note: Your AYSO ID number is on your printed application form, top right corner)
– After login, select the ‘Courses’ tab
– Select Course MT02 – AYSO’s Safe Haven

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