AYSO Region #1567’s Youth Referee Program

…an innovative opportunity for community service in Los Feliz & Silver Lake

The Program

The Youth Referee program in Region #1567 is being launched to answer the growing demand for referees in the U8 and U10 Divisions and to provide a leadership opportunity for young people in our community.

Here’s how it works: Girls and boys ages 12-18 take the required referee training courses which certify them to officiate U8 and U10 games.  These youth referees meet the same certification requirements as adults do for these divisions.  A mentor accompanies youth referees to the first few games as the Referee – the person in charge of the game.  There is an opportunity for additional training to cover games at the U12 and U14 Divisions or as an assistant referee at these levels.  AYSO rules require a youth referee must be at least two years older than the division they are working as a referee.

The program has multiple benefits:

  • It inspires younger players, giving them role models to look up to
  • Young people participating in the youth referee program get a chance to do community service and a unique opportunity for intellectual and emotional growth and to develop character and responsibility.

The Responsibility of All Involved

Although we expect the best behavior from everyone toward all referees, it is simply forbidden to criticize a youth referee, even if you are a referee.  There is ZERO TOLERANCE FOR NEGATIVE COMMENTS TO OR ABOUT YOUTH REFEREES at any time before, during, or after games.  Anyone who does so will be asked to leave the field. If you have any issues with youth referees, please contact our Regional Referee Administrator, Matt Kimball at mattckimball@gmail.com.

These youth referees are well-trained, and many are also experienced players; however they are still youngsters without the life experience to handle negative remarks. Please give each your full support and help model good behavior for others to follow.

If you have questions, please contact our Regional Referee Administrator, Matt Kimball at mattckimball@gmail.com.