Safety first!

Shinguards – All players must wear shinguards or they will not be covered by our insurance. Shinguards must be worn inside the socks, against the skin (not on top of the socks with the socks rolled back down toward the ankle to cover the shinguard, as the sock may slip up to reveal the shinguard which presents a risk of injury).

Shoes – No baseball cleats may be used as the toe cleats present a risk of injury. Soccer cleats or closed-toe running shoes must be used instead.

Jewelry – Players may not wear jewelry of any kind, with the exception of jewelry worn for medical purposes (e.g., “medic-alert” bracelets) but these must be covered by a soft material such as a wristband.  If your player has earrings of any kind, they must be removed before the game.  The holes will not close up.  No exceptions.

Casts – Players with may not participate while wearing a cast of any kind – please don’t remove the cast just so your kid can play… safety first!.

Barrettes, etc. – Hard items in the hair, such as barrettes, pins, hard braid holders, and so on, are not permitted.

These safety regulations apply to games AND practices.  In a game, the referee has final say regarding safety of the players and their equipment.

Please instruct players to leave the goals alone.  Each year children get injured by falling goalposts.

If a player is injured, please fill out the AYSO incident report form.  AYSO offers Supplemental Accident Insurance for our players (there is a deductible).  See all forms below which should be given to any family who has sustained an injury:

AYSO Incident Report Form (should be filled out by coach)

AYSO Player Release Form

AYSO Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet

AYSO Participant Release Form (for players returning from injury)

AYSO Severe Weather Policy