Los Feliz AYSO Sponsorship Program

Los Feliz AYSO will be launching a sponsorship program for the first time this year.  We hope to offer a value proposition to businesses and organizations in the community who want to form a relationship with our 800+ families in the Fall and Spring seasons.  The money we raise will be used for three purposes:

  1. providing scholarships for kids whose families can’t afford the registration fees
  2. hiring professional outside trainers to take your player’s soccer skill to the next level;
  3. to continue our VIP soccer program for children with disabilities.

AYSO is a non-profit organization and everyone in our region is a volunteer.  We invite kids from around Los Angeles to play soccer with us regardless of their skill level or their ability to pay.

Thank you to the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council for funding the storage container at Thomas Starr King Middle School which has allowed us to store our equipment.  Thanks also for your support in building a state-of-the-art filtered water fountain at Griffith Park Soccer Field/Riverside Field.  The LFNC has helped improve youth sports, AYSO and the community at large.  Thank you!!!

Here are the sponsorship levels:

  1. Regional Sponsors:  ($1,500) You will get visibility on the web site, email blasts to our families to recognize your contribution, a banner on the field, your logo on printed material (registration flyers & post cards), and a plaque to display at your business.  Regional Sponsors can also arrange to have a presence at our fields to meet our families.
  2. Team Sponsors:  ($300)  Your sponsorship of a specific team (could be 1 or 2 sponsors per team) will give you visibility on the web site, a team photo mounted on a wooden plaque that you can display, and your organization’s name printed (not logo) printed on T-shirts.
  3. Friends of AYSO: (Under $300)  This is simply a tax-deductible donation for individuals, businesses and organizations for any donation under $300.  During the 2015 Spring season we had one unsolicited anonymous donation of $1,000 and another for $500 just because the parents liked what we were doing for the community.  If you want to remain anonymous, just let us know.

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