U4 AYSO Playtime Adventure

Our U4 Playtime Adventures pre-soccer program for kids born in 2015 will be conducted by professional coaches from UK International Soccer.  Your group will meet only ONE time per week at Thomas Starr King Middle School (Saturday or Sunday).  U4 Photo 2U4 Photo

What is U4 AYSO Playtime Adventure?

This program was designed by child development and soccer experts to give your child a foundation for sports success.  Your player will hop, skip, jump, run, throw, balance, kick… and play. 

U4 Playground is a unique program designed to develop children by focusing on improving a child’s Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) in a fun, parent participatory atmosphere utilizing age appropriate activities and storybook adventures.  It is a 10 week Soccer based skills Development Program for players age 3-4 who would like to have fun in a soccer environment.

  • Great Introduction to Soccer
  • Age appropriate Skill Development
  • 10 weekly 60 Minute High Energy Fun Activities
  • Full Uniform (Socks, Shorts & Jersey) and Secondary Insurance is Included
  • Parent Participation REQUIRED
  • King Middle School or Ferraro Soccer Field
  • This is NOT a mini World Cup experience. Don’t expect 60 minutes of soccer games.  This program is heavy on motor skills development and light on competitive soccer.  Let your little one learn the beautiful game the right way.